SePRO Total Pond.

A complete pond and lakefront care product line tailored to the Do-it-Yourselfer


Aquatic vegetation is found in almost every pond.  A natural amount of native plants benefit a pond ecosystem by producing oxygen, stabilizing bottom sediment, providing food and cover for fish and serving as food and habitat for waterfowl.

But when aquatic weeds or algae interfere with the use and enjoyment of your pond, it’s time to take action.

SePRO Total Pond products offers pond owners a reliable solution to undesirable vegetation that has made water unsightly or unusable for fishing, boating and swimming. Thanks to a team of knowledgeable Aquatic Advisors ready to help you tackle even the toughest weed and algae problems along with a full range of products for every aquatic situation, anyone can take control of their pond to achieve and maintain a natural, enjoyable ecosystem.

The complete product lineup from SePRO Total Pond, providing the do-it-yourselfer with reliable solutions for undesirable aquatic vegetation. Return your pond to health and get back to fishing, swimming and boating.